How Secure is Your Gated Community

One of the major benefits of living in a gated community is the amount of security.  This makes your home a safe place for your family, or to have a seasonal home where you may be leaving the space unattended for extended periods of time.  These usual security measures used by gated communities allow for your peace of mind.


The most commonly known form of security in a gated community is the gate.  Usually, there is an access code or card to enter the gate to one of these communities.  The gate can be a full gate surrounding the property, or a small gate attached to high fencing.  In cases like these, communities usually use concrete fencing, as it is very secure.  The concrete fencing can look like stone, brick, or painted concrete, and surrounds the perimeter at six or eight feet high.  There is typically only one or two entrances to this fence, with security codes.


In addition to fencing, many of these communities hire security personnel to monitor the property.  This could be in the form of a security guard stationed at the entrance at certain times, a guard who walks the property at night, or a full time security team.


Many communities also install surveillance cameras to keep their guests safe.  The monitors are closely watched, and videos are kept in case of an incident.  Usually, there are also motion sensors on the property. Some Madeira beach wedding venues all have surveillance in order to keep their guests safe.


Some communities take it to the next step, employing security canines and even helicopters.  Bollards, large cylinder objects that come out of the ground to prevent cars from riding in on a resident's tail, are also used in rare cases.


Security is one of the main selling points of a gated community, and the properties take this seriously.  Keeping residents safe is a main priority, and gated communities utilize every available resource to meet this standard.



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